2 Year Old Pit Bull Attacked With Acid And Left To Die On The Street


WARNING: Graphic image. Viewer discretion advised. No one knows why some people can abuse animals so easily and leave them out on the streets to die. It takes a different kind of mind to want to inflict such pain and suffering onto an innocent animal, as they’re the ones who have to bear the scars in the end. A pit bull was found in the streets of Puerto Rico by a group of passers-by, with severe burns to her skin from scalding hot water and acid.

She was immediately taken in to the Saint Lucas hospital in Ponce for treatment. Her chances of survival were quite low, even with intensive treatment being provided. Given the name Dolores Esperanza, everyone thought that the dog would succumb to her wounds. However, she managed to pull through and is living a much happier life with people that love her.

Take a look at this imagePit Bull Attacked

No one has been apprehended for her cruel treatment, but hopefully with the lean towardsstricter laws against animal abuse, no other animal has to suffer like this again. Please SHARE this post.