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Sunday, July 23, 2017


Dog Plays Dead and Makes His Buddy Worried

Info from Licensor: "Jack is 9 and Archie is 3. Even though the dogs are not related

Dog and horse are unlikely best friends

It's always inspiring to see a rare animal friendship such as this one.

Dog and baby share precious moment together

Charlie and Barkley are best friends and can be seen here lounging on the couch

Doberman dog and horse are best friends

The amazing relationship between Boss the doberman and Contino the horse. Known as the

Guilty German Shepherd Hides In The Bathroom

This guilty German Shepherd knows exactly what he's done wrong and tries to hide

Guilty Bulldog Confesses To Mess

This has got to be the cutest confession of all time! How can you possibly stay mad at these adorable little faces

Alaskan Malamute puppy baffled by his first bone

Check out this puppy's adorable reaction to receiving his very first

15 Dogs Who Love To Smile

Need a little pick me up for the day? Well just watch these fifteen adorable dogs show off

Crying dog at shelter finds new home

Blue King the pit bull has found his forever family. The Carson Shelter promotes the saving

Adorably happy dog plays in the Brooklyn Museum fountain

One hot day in New York, a dog decided to make the best of things at the Brooklyn Museum
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