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Friday, September 22, 2017


Family Whose Child Is Battling Cancer Are Reunited With Missing Pit...

TAMPA, Florida – The Whartons had been trying to find their dog for more than a week when luck stepped in and they were reunited

WARNING: Video Is Disturbing! 2 Pit Bulls Wrongly Shot By Minneapolis...

“The dog’s tail is wagging. Ears are down. They’re not back. He’s just curious,” said police training expert Mike Quinn

Pit Bull Takes Care Of EVERYONE At Freedom Farm

Pit Bull Takes Care Of Everyone At His Sanctuary | This dog loves everyone at his sanctuary — especially his dad

Man Arrested After Police Find More Than 100 Dogs Chained To...

POLK COUNTY, Georgia – An additional 35 dogs were found malnourished and chained to trees behind a Cedartown home

Little Girl Is Devastated When Pit Bull Goes Missing – But...

AKRON, Ohio – Thanks to the kindness of strangers and an adorable little girl on the internet, a dog is back

Dog Left Abandoned For Weeks Inside Townhouse, Officers Hands Are Tied

DETROIT, Michigan – A dog has been trapped inside an abandoned townhouse for at least three weeks

Family Pit Bulls Kill Venomous Snake And Save Children In Yard

BRANDON, Florida – When a venomous snake slithered into a Florida yard where two young children were playing

Clever Service Dog Protects His Owner’s Head During Seizure

Meet Colt, the service dog trained to protect his owner’s head during seizures – it’s incredible to see

Man Caught On Video Throwing Dog Off Ravine Sentenced To Five...

LOS ANGELES, California – A man who was caught on video throwing his dog off a cliff in Southern California

Thieves Threaten Man’s Life, Loving Pit Bull Rushes To His Defense

ATLANTA, Georgia – Thieves Threaten Man’s Life In Parking Lot, But They Don’t Know His Pit Bull Is About To Attack
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