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Saturday, June 23, 2018


Dog Sees Dolphins For the First Time and Decides to Become...

Sandy was a stray who was rescued off the streets in the Bahamas and given a family — but that was only the beginning of her amazing adventures.

Rescue Dog Kisses Cute Cheetah

A JACK Russell shows no fear as she licks cleans the face of a female cheetah. The best friends

Dog and cheetah are still best friends years after meeting as...

Dog and cheetah are still best friends years after meeting as babies

Killer bear shows unbelievable compassion, saves life of drowning bird

A hero bear goes into action and saves a drowning crow in this heartwarming rescue at the Budapest

Monkey puts his Pit Bull friend to sleep

MonkeyBoo's gentle grooming of his best friend Mac helps the pit bull fall right asleep. In fact, it's so relaxing that Mac

Attack Of The Crazy Animals

Animals are so cute and us humans just want to hug and squeeze them. Sometimes you see a little chipmunk and the urge rushes

3-legged puppy conquers massive doorway challenge

Since getting Ollie at 8 weeks old, his biggest challenge has been getting in and out of the back door due to the larger than normal step.

Animal abusing in circus

We have to stop this together by sharing this video

Rare Moment Orca Plays With A Turtle… Or Food?

Incredible moment Orca decides to play with its food which happens to be a sea turtle. Orca's don't often feed on Turtle's but this one was hungry.

Tiger escapes caretaker’s car, roams down crowded highway

While waiting in line at the border crossing between the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, a rogue tiger is spotted running down the busy highway
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