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Monday, April 23, 2018


The Look on This Dog’s Face When She Realizes Her Family...

When the chain link door closed, cold reality sank in:  Electra’s family was leaving her here at this strange

Pit Bull Smiles Through Cancer Treatment

This amazing dog smiled all the way through cancer treatment — and now she's all better and ready to be adopted

They Approach A Dog Chained Up In The Rain. Watch Her...

The Coalition to Unchain Dogs is on the mission to improve the lives of chained-up dogs

Abandoned Pit Bull Lost An Eye, But She Never Lost Her...

She was abandoned, half-blind and starving to death; but thanks to the dedication of a group of good Samaritans

Schoep, the 20-year-old dog whose photograph touched hearts around the world,...

Schoep has passed away one month after his 20th birthday. He and his guardian John Unger came to the public’s

13 Pit Bull Temperament Photos

What would be the ideal owner for this breed? The ideal owner of a pit bull is an extremely responsible person committed to the care

15 Pit Bull Gang Photos

Pit bulls are commonly confident, people-oriented dogs that can develop a strong sense of dependence

Heroic Pit Bull Hears Child’s Screams And Runs To Save Him...

A Pit Bull Labrador Retriever mix is being hailed as a hero after saving a young boy from a copperhead snake

Dog Facing Bathtime Dilemma Makes Her Choice Hilariously Clear

Dogs know what they like and don’t like. They like their toys, going to the doggy park, going for a ride

Senior Street Dog Cries When Rescuers Pick Her Up To Take...

Animal Aid Unlimited arrived to find Helen, a senior stray dog suffering from severe mange and dehydration
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