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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


French Bulldog puppy learns to speak with owner

Jim the Frenchie tries his very best to communicate with his owner. Listen to their adorable

Pup Joins The Mealtime Prayer.

It's time for dinner which also means that it's time to say grace! Well in this family, everyone participates in saying grace, including the family dog!

Pit Bull’s fearless cliff dive captured in slow motion

Diesel likes to go swimming at the lake, but he prefers to get wet by running and jumping off a hill into the water

Pit Bull trained to locate newborn baby

Diesel the Pit Bull has been trained to perform a very special task. Watch as his owner instructs him to find

Finch Frozen to Fence Rescue

"While feeding my horses on New Year's morning I noticed a solitary finch perched upon the steel fence near the water tank

Bedtime mannequin challenge for dogs and guinea pigs

A bulldog, pug and guinea pigs are all ready for bedtime, night caps and all. Look at how well the perform the mannequin

French Bulldog challenges Yoda, gets completely owned

A 2-year-old French Bulldog named Ungdee makes the mistake of going to battle against Master Yoda

Dog barks on command, sends baby into giggle fit

Check out baby Myles' reaction every time Addi the dog is told to "speak". That laughter is super contagious

Husky puppy has “heated debate” with human

Check out this thrilling conversation between a husky puppy and artist Aaron Dissell. Just wait to see what this puppy

If this doesn’t make you cry, check your pulse!

Dog lovers and shelter pet rescuers are falling in love with the viral video Suzie Gets Adopted! From the producers
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